Friday, October 10, 2008


i've been tagged so her it goes:

8 tv shows i love to watch:

1.the offie
2.wizards of waverly place videos
4.amazing wedding cakes
5.So you think you can dance
6.project runway
7.Hannah Montana
8.Zoey 101

8 things that happened yesturday:

1.went to larsons
2.played i am legend with eli
3.took a shower fone died
5.jumped on the tramp at larsons
6.made macoroni jumper
8.learned how to do a handstand (yes a handstand)

8 favorite places i love to eat

1.eegees (thanks chan)
3.burger king
5.krispy cream
6.westel prezel
7.hungry howies
8.jamba juice


1.hsm3 time i can see the murphys
4.our cheer uniforms to come in
5.did i say money
6.did i say hsm3
7. see my family that lives somewhere where i cnat see them everyday
8.hsm3 again

8 things on my wish list go to nm with my mom
2.something goodto b playing on tv you think you can dance to be on
4.a tan
5.go to nm
6.go to nm
7.go to nm
8.go to nm

(hint mom hint please please please)

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am no longer moldy!

So about a year ago a kind man told me a story.. ANd a the man told me a story about how someone will only use have the bread and the rest get moldy and useless. SO half of is it is used and the other is moldy. So the man's point is if i only use half my so called "talents" the other half will be moldy and un usable. SO i have done something with my life. I made the cheer team. I'm sooooo excited. So oldie i am no longer moldy! So you can no longer call me Moldy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Im Back!

I got back from girls camp today. It WAs Fun. The best part was just laying on Lydnees and Jess's bed wth me, jancy, Jess, Lydnee, Courtney, and megan and jss hanging out. O and on our skit night, megan and jess, and lyndee, made a huge hit but it wont upload it but they did get an encore so i got that:
I didnt really take that many pictures but here are some. Our otfits
It is a huge moth
Me and Courtney
Courtney(this is for you)
Allie sleeping and Yes that is gum
Jancy and Ivy And heres my new cousin Merick Lane Arnett

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Past Week

K before i start on my last post i happened to spell something wrong instead of shirt it says s-h-i-t. So i did not mean it i was just typing really fast. OK now this past week i Spent time with dakota, cy, josie, and grammy. Grammy tought me and lulu how to sew. We sewed pajampants, dress for joe, and pajampants for taryns birthdaypresent. On our way we happen to pass papa.

o and i helped papa scrap.
K so it was so hot that day but then it started raining. Weird

K so i found this dress for josie at a garge sale in flagstaff and she happens to have her hair princessey

This is the dress we made her and she wouldnt hold still so i could take a picture.
Later we went swimming at the base. Jessica lifegaurds there and me and josie got in trouble from her. ON friday we had taryns birthday party. It was Hannah Montana, High school musical, and Camp Rock theme. Here r some pictures

Staring from the left, Maleree Jones, Taryn, Madison Lamb, and Brooklyn Smith
She invited a bunch more but everyone was out of town that weekend.
THis is her openning her presents and got the camp rock cd and was freaking out.

These r the pajama pants i made for her bithday. Taryn I love u and happy birthday, im so glad u came into this family all though ur a brat sometimes i love u soo much
o and we also figured out jancy is so smal she a=an fit in a suitcase.

Then Marily and Mark came over for picyures and jens played baseball with pirece

Monday, June 23, 2008


A while back grammy took me and jancy shopping and i just got the pictures loaded. Well grammy definatly scored. I got a couply of shits and shorts. But anyways thanks grammy i had a blast hope we can do it again sometime. I love you.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

flagstaff new mexico flagstaff lake powell o my

im back from my two week away trip so ill start with the saturday i left.So after we went to Francis babyshower we headed over to brits and ajs where avery was doing bella dancerreala.
Istnt she great shes soooo cute So then we haeaded to flagstaff and spent sunday there. my mom,jancy, and hannah left for utah/efy on suday so me and taryn got to stay with wendy and her boys. O and jess went to cali wth the hoopes. So we left monday mornin for nm and on our way there we got to sleep and here r the boys so me and shane took a photagraphy class and i took a few pics but they r not at all like my moms P-diddy/paige Trey/Reed/Blue ty grew a beard Shani Then we left wensday and stayed the rest of the week in flagstaff. we played outside most of the time we jumped on the tramp and played in the sand, made sandcastle and lakes i made a couple of cards to a thank you card and a fathers day card The sunday the cummards, larsons, and jess and my dad met at wendys and we headed for lakepowell. i had a blast. i even got up on wait boarding and crossed the wke and crossed back over it was fun. we hiked up to rainbow brigde and hiked up to hole in the rock man was it hard. so we had the best time thanks larsons and cummards. here are a few pics and tate was driving the house boat so this is the pose every man would o on the bat i dont no y but the all did it so every nite we had a different theme mexican night, italian night, cowbay nnite, hawiian nite, and of course randa ordered full on decorations and coustumes for everynit and i only took pics of mexican nite so heres some They spellted fiesta backwords and tate fell asleep before the fiesta istn he so cute so for our talent show we heard from uncle cleavis, gunnar burp the abcs adn eli do a huluhope thing and laugh so on the boat jared was doing a flash back of eli

o and jancy and jess got a black eye on the way home